Lamy-Caillat Chassagne-Montrachet La Romanée 1er Cru 2017

75 cl - Bouteille, Normalflasche

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Lieferzeit: 3 - 6 Werktage
innerhalb von Deutschland


95/100 PP

"The 2017 Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru La Romanée is brilliant, offering up a complex bouquet of mandarin, ripe pears and peaches mingled with almond paste, fresh pastry and nutmeg. Full-bodied, satiny and enveloping, it's multidimensional and complete, with a layered core, considerable concentration and a long, chalky finish. This is a touch more dramatic and extrovert than this year's Caillerets, but the two wines are of very similar ultimate quality."
(William Kelley,

"Origins of the lieu-dit: medieval texts from 1007 to 1271 mention a Roman villa in the neighbouring lieu-dit « Les Embazées», (Ambassiacus= Roman villa); «La Romanée» is therefore likely to refer to the presence of a Roman road nearby or that Romans cultivated vines here."
(Domaine Lamy-Caillat)

"As I wrote last year, readers as yet unfamiliar with Domaine Lamy-Caillat, a tiny estate that ranks as one of the Côte de Beaune's most exciting new addresses, should refer to my profile in the Wine Advocate's Interim End of March 2018 report. Artisanal winemaking and, above all, long, patient élevage is what defines this domaine, with the wines spending two winters on the lees before bottling by hand after natural clarification. The wines evolve at their own pace, and the meticulous Sébastien Caillat devotes immense attention to every detail. I hope other Côte de Beaune winemakers will be tempted to emulate his methods, as the results speak for themselves. His 2017s have turned out brilliantly, confirming their status as the domaine's best vintage to date, and the 2018s are also very promising. Excitingly, several new appellations have already joined the portfolio, and they are reported on in the accompanying notes."
(William Kelley,

"Domaine Lamy-Caillat is the most exciting producer of white Burgundy that you’ve never heard of. And one thing is certain: as this domaine wins the recognition it deserves, bottles of Lamy-Caillat are only going to become ever harder to find."
(Robert Parkers Wine Advocate, März 2018)

Anbauregion: Burgund Burgund, Côte de Beaune
Flaschengröße: 75 cl - Bouteille, Normalflasche
Jahrgang: 2017
Klassifikation: Premier Cru (Burgund)
Typ: Weißwein Weißwein trocken
Land: Frankreich
Weingut: Domaine Lamy-Caillat
Lage: La Romanée
Rebsorte: Chardonnay
Ausbau: 12 Monate im französischem Holz und weitere 12 Monate im Stahl auf der Hefe
Rebfläche: 0,22 ha
Durchschnittliches Rebenalter: über 60 Jahre
Durchschnittliche Jahresproduktion: 116 Kisten
Boden: Auflage aus braunem Kalkstein-Verwitterungsschutt darunter Mergelböden mit Lehmanteil auf einem Sockel von Jurakalk
Alkoholgehalt: 13,5 % vol
Stockdichte: 10.000 Reben pro ha
Trinkempfehlung ab: 2025
Trinkempfehlung bis: 2055
Trinktemperatur: 12-14 °C
Verschluss: Naturkork
Bewertung 95/100
Bewertung Daniel Nussbaum: 97+/100
Bewertung Jahrgang: *****/*****
Abgefüllt von: Domaine F. Lamy-Caillat, Place du Grand Puits, 21190 Chassagne-Montrachet, Frankreich
Allergenhinweis: Enthält Sulfite. Kann Spuren von Eiweiß, Milch und Gelatine enthalten.